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Chartered Jardin

RMV II Stage


Chartered Jardin

Located in a beautiful, picturesque area, R.M.V 2nd Stage, the Chartered Jardin consists of 26 premium top end 3 bedroom apartments contained in a property spread over 58,935 square feet.

These prestigious living spaces are ideal for the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Exclusivity is the USP here, given that these flats have been designed according to super-luxurious dimensions.

2 lifts, security with intercom, specialised plumbing insulation, a fully fledged Gym, clubhouse, a swimming pool, panic button switch, gas leak detector, provision for sink crushers and aquaguards in the flats, 5 KW power for each flat as well as generator backup means that these flats are fully loaded wth every creature comfort imaginable, along with being state of the art in terms of safety.

Often considered the pinnacle of Bangalore’s 3 bhk flats, this luxurious property has cradled many in opulence, and continues to pamper them in the way only one’s own home truly can.


Year Built:
2/3 BHK

RMV II Stage

Address: 7th Main Rd, RMV Extension, Vinayaka Layout, Bhoopasandra, R.M.V. 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094

Location: RMV II Stage

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