Careers - Chartered Housing

In 25 years, we’ve built homes for the world and a remarkable reputation for ourselves. Simply put, we’ve grown tremendously. With us, many careers have taken flight and we’re glad they did.

Work ethics, professionalism, commitment and the passion to outdo ourselves; these beliefs have contributed to our growth.

Though we’re serious about work, we take life easy – it’s a balance that helps us win. We’re a bunch of young and committed professionals working against the clock to set new benchmarks. Not for the world but for ourselves. And together, we’ve created a work environment that offers a lot of learning and some fun too.

If you think real estate is your passion and you’re prepared to join us in as we move to the next level, talk to us.

We are currently looking for:

– Sales Executive

– Sales Manager

– Pre-sales Officer

Send your resume to [email protected]